Odyssia Launched in dec 2006 at Kozhikode ,Keralam
  Established by a group of entrepreneurs having experience since 1980's in the footwear industry.Odyssia aimed at making footwear products for different age group in different class.
  Odyssia is guided by a group of directors under the leadership of the Chairman Mr.P.Sasidharan
  Odyssia aimed at to make a change in the trends and designs prevailed in kerala footwear industry till that time, and we introduced footwears in every segment.
  In kerala F/W manufacturing industry, Odyssia is first who introduced footwears with different colors of sole.
  Odyssia footwear assures comfort ability, durability and style in each and every designs
  We always given importance in manufacturing different footwears ,which can use in different climate without compromising in its Quality, design and comfort ability.
  Odyssia,tried to make the footwear which blend with the style and trend ,which we seen only in international brands till that time. And it helped us to gain a prominent position in the minds of youth as well as others quickly.
  Odyssia have 8 individual units producing different kinds of footwears.
  Our strength is the committed employees working in various units for Odyssia Group.
  Odyssia Footwears are manufactured under Italian technology, which is the most advanced technology in the industry.
  We are using latest and state of the art technology and machineries for the production process. The qualities of the products are tested at every stage of production. The quality inspection departments are attached to each production units to test the raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.
  Odyssia is the first brand in kerala which introduced sub brands for every segment of people.
Materials used :
TPR –Outer Sole,
Eva-Mid Sole,
Synthetic Leather –Upper)
Target customers : Youth
Odyssia Classmate :School Shoe launched in 2009
Materials Used:
PVC Sole
Synthetic Leather Upper
Construction:Injuction method
Target customers-School goings
Odyssia VUVU launched in2011
Pvc Sole,
Synthetic Leather Upper
Construction:Injuction method
Target Customers: Kids
Odyssia Beach- Thongs, launched in 2012
Eva Sole
Rubber Upper
Target Customers : All Age group
Odyssia Gorky –Canvas Shoe, Launched in 2012
PVC Sole
Synthetic upper
Construction:Injuction method
Target Customers:Youth
2013-We introduced an innovative concept in footwear, first in kerala- A Uniform sandal for school goings. Which was important in kerala ,because of the rainy season we had in the school opening time.It helped to make those schools who were not using uniform shoes to develop uniformity in students apparels.
  Our most recent attraction in PU footwear is suede series, which already gained the minds of youth and others because of attractive colours in suede upper.
  Pu footwears are manufactured under direct casting method.

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